Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

Koç University’s research mission is to contribute to the universal body of knowledge and influence intellectual, technological, economic and social developments on a global scale. Faculty members contribute to their fields both individually and in strategically designed cross-disciplinary teams.

Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation ( VPRI ) is responsible for Koç University’s research policies, with a specific goal to significantly increase externally sponsored research and strenghten Koç University’s position in research. In this capacity, the VPRI has the following responsibilities:

  • Recommendation of new research policies, and oversight of its implementation and exceptions to research policy
  • Representing Koç University to external R&D funding agencies and other research institutions throughout the world
  • Representing the faculty’s broad research interests in interactions with the University’s administration
  • Providing oversight and assurances to outside regulatory agencies of Koç University’s compliance to academic research policies and regulations
  • Overseeing reseearch centers and graduate institutes of Koç University
  • Providing oversight to Koç University’s panels dealing with protecting the University from research risks (panels include human subjects and ethics)