UNESCO and the Fondation L’Oréal seek to recognise women researchers who, through the scope of their work, have contributed to overcoming today’s global challenges.

Today, only 33% of researchers are women1. Stereotypes conceal a significant part of scientific history and perpetuate gender inequality in the access to these fields of study and careers. We cannot afford to deprive ourselves of the talents of half of humanity: women advance science, and science advances the world.
Postdoctoral Research Assistant Mechanisms of metabolism (Warburg effect), epithelial mesenchymal transition and tumor microenvironment-related resistance mechanisms in cancer cells. Buse Cevatemre 2022
School of Medicine Drug resistance mechanisms developing in ovarian cancer and investigating the molecular effects of the treatment methods used in ovarian cancer. İrem Şahin Durmaz 2020
School of Medicine Dermatology, Acne group diseases,Psoriasis (Psoriasis),Hidradenitis suppurativa, Dermatooncology,Behcet 's disease Seçil Vural 2019
School of Medicine Cancer DNA repair , anticancer drugs, chromosomal instability, centrosomes Ceyda Açılan Ayhan 2018
FACULTY CS MBGE Cell Biology, Cancer Research, Developmental Biology Elif Nur Fırat Karalar 2015
Basic Medical Sciences Tıbbi Biyoloji Anabilim Dalı Brain Tumors, Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Apoptosis, Neural Stem Cells. Tuğba Bağcı Önder 2013
FACULTY CS MBGE Proteomics Analyses and the Regulation of Cell Division and Cell Cycle Nurhan Özlü 2012
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Energy, molecular simulations, metal organic frameworks, porous materials, gas separations, computational material design Seda Keskin 2011
Faculty CS MBGE Rare and Neurological Diseases Therapeutic Area Gülayşe İnce Dunn 2011
Department of Chemistry Physical Chemistry, Interface Chemistry, Polymeric Films, Polymeric Complexes, Medical Applications of Polymers İrem Erel 2010
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Synthesis and characterization of biomaterials that can be used for tissue engineering, drug delivery, and biosensing applications Seda Kızılel 2009
Department of Chemistry Synthesis and Applications of Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials, Polymer Synthesis, Structure-Property Relations, Biomaterials Funda Yağcı Acar 2008
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Computational biology and bioinformatics on protein-protein interactions and protein dynamics. Özlem Keskin 2005